All Things Are Petty (12/2016)

This past Tuesday I was with one of my kids sitting on a bench at a church. A woman I don’t know drove up, parked and then walked toward the church to deliver a present. As she walked up to the bench on her path to the door, I said to her, “I feel bad. I didn’t get you anything.” I thought it was funny but it seemed to throw her off and she said some stuff about her running behind schedule and how busy life is. “You know how it is this time of year.” How would she know what I know? I didn’t even have a present for her. I’ve spent the past two decades incrementally opting out of holiday madness. Yeah, I know HOW it is because it is WHY I opted out. But we all have these things we mindlessly say about the mundane that may or may not help advance real connections.

I considered her response and commented to my child, “Wouldn’t it be great if we said profound things when we don’t know what to say, instead of commenting on the weather or re-enforcing silly and oppressive paradigms? She could’ve said, ‘All things are ready if our minds be so.’ To which I could have replied, ‘That we would do, we should do when we would…’.”

My child called me a nerd! :-\. I insisted my way would make the world a better place. “There’s probably a parallel universe where they do that,” the child offered in way of consolation. “Why I gotta be stuck in this one?” I whined.

:-). Soooo… . How about this weather? Mild enough for ya?


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