Telos Vision

When he was a kid, my dad took a mail correspondence course and became a TV repair”man” at the ripe old age of 13. He went on to get a degree in Electrical Engineering and work with computers from their infancy and on into internet. This made our childhood interesting. Tami and I have loaded cards into a room-sized computer so that the “super computer” could perform some important task, like make a pixeled poster of the Mona Lisa. Our family was at least two years ahead of our neighbors when it came to most technology. We had satellite, VCR, home PC… when many of our peers had never seen them. But the real fun was in where our home was backward–the TVs.

Because dad would ever be the TV Repairman, our house was a TV hospital. We got scraps from friends and family. This could make watching TV an adventure. For example, there was a time when the TV in the family room had no sound and down the hall, in Matt’s room, the TV had no picture. The pictureless TV was by Matt’s open door but there was still a fun split-second sound delay. Changing channels was doubly-fun–with yelling numbers down the hall, “Okay! Now 13!” And these were KNOBS. Those were fun.

I’m glad I had so much analog experience. I like the lightness of wireless and the cloud, but there’s a tactile beauty in the contortions of antena adjustment, weight of vinyl and solar cycling of dials. 🙂 You snappers of whipper just have no idea… .


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