Levity meets Leviticus

I’ve said we need a sarcasm font but I don’t mean it. I like being misinterpreted. I like fusing and flipping fun and serious. In real life I sometimes strive to seriously deliver funny and sometimes fool people who know me well. For example, when my kids were younger one must’ve had a bobo. My sister pointed out a spot of blood on the shoulder of my shirt. As I tried to spot clean it and figure out the source, I concluded, “It must’ve happened during the ceremony.” My sister’s puzzled/horrified face caused me to break character. She was relieved. 

When her son was a preteen, I was driving him and my son (a year his junior) somewhere. My nephew said something about a friend having a relative with a drug problem. I figured I should say something parental and wise on the subject of drug use. Silence enveloped the van as I pondered what life-altering witticism I would offer. Seconds stretched into minutes before I finally chose the perfect sentence/warning.

“DON’T DO DRUGS!!!” I yelled almost as loudly as I could. Then I laughed and laughed at my boys’ shocked faces and my own silence-shattering choice/voice. They may have forgotten my sagacious offering, but neither is on drugs–so there you go. 


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