Thought for Food

I heard some wise stuff this past week. Like, “Polemics is not persuasive.” and “Apologize for your mistakes, not who you are.” (No attribution. Both were heard on radio.) 

Also, I heard that two separate studies reveal that better nutrition reduces prison recitivism by 35%. We know the nourished child learns better, but we still don’t insist on superior nutrition for anybodies but the bodies belonging to the people with the most money. I know I am dreading the dangerous waters of socialism and communism, but there are millions, even billions of people who are in an economic prison and cannot envision, imagine and/or work themselves out of it. If you have no boots, how can you “pull yourself up by your bootstraps”? 

“Nothing says success like excess.” In the US we overeat enough to feed 10,000,000 people and we throw away enough food to feed all of Canada. Stop buying, wasting, consuming and feeding the way greedy and destructive companies have trained you to buy, waste, consume and feed. Demand nutritious and non-toxic food. Stop buying “food” with GMOs, hydrogenated oil and HFCS. Yes, this includes almost everything in the US grocery shopping carts or restaurants, but isn’t there strong enough evidence that our “food” is physically and fiscally unhealthy? Try just elimination of one thing a week. Corn, wheat, soy, canola, sugarbeets (now the “natural sugar” replacing poor, rejected HFCS)… are all GMO. Aspartame is the feces of bacteria and smoking may be a healthier habit (diet sodas were my biggest addiction). 

Yeah, it’s overwhelming but we slept/consumed through decades of our being treated like guinea pigs who are given an allowance to give back to the malevolent scientists in exchange for drugs the scientists introduced us to. Wake up! Join the revolution where we simply stop paying to be poisoned.


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