“Vengeance is Mine,” sayeth the Bore

You’ve probably gotten the e-mail that points out examples of our wrathful and jealous God exercising His right to smite blasphemous bugs who dare question or assert anything without approval from strict dogma. (You’d think these dogmatic cretins would love Sharia law.) I’ve gotten that e-mail three times and decided it was offensive enough that I would counter with a few of my own objections (I didn’t include my objections to the grammatical errors). I sent it “Date: Sat, Oct 24, 2009 04:04 PM” with this introductory conclusion: “Let’s see if I die an “untimely death”–in which case, you’ll have a better source as proof of a spiteful God than the “Untimely Deaths” forwarded e-mail offers.” It’s been over four years. It’d be funny if I were smote at 14 years, 10 months, 4 days. 🙂

1.) Saying something is a fact and offering no objective source not only doesn’t make it factual, it makes it more suspicious.

2.) The John Lennon quote is exaggerated and out of context. The source, according to the e-mail is “an American Magazine”!?! North, Central or South America? This “Magazine” wishes to be anonymous? The correct answer is “none of the above,” it was BRITISH (the _London Evening Standard_ or rather, “a European Publication”).  Lennon basically was stating the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. It was true at the time (right or wrong, like it or not). Lennon had been studying religion and was making a considered, though perhaps subjective, assertion. The quote was ignored until it was pulled from obscurity to fan record burnings. One of the radio stations that helped organize the record burnings was hit by lightning the very next morning. Imagine.

3.) Even if Lennon had said and blasphemously meant everything in the forward, it was well over a decade later (4 Mar, 1966 – 8 Dec, 1980 = 14 years, 10 months, 4 days) that he was killed. From comment to killing, was God too busy to squash a Beatle?

4.) The implication is that  “untimely deaths” are punishment from a vengeful, mocked God. My first husband died of a bloodclot at age 29. How did he hurt God’s feelings and make Him mad? And even if you find an answer, what about all the millions (even billions) of other “untimely deaths” in human history?

5.) I’m tired of  rEligious-chain-letters telling me I must follow the instructions (“8 in 8 seconds”!?) to prove I love Jesus and get a “miracle.” I took much longer than 8 seconds to write my preface and won’t be forwarding it to 8 people. I apologize but do not fear God’s wrath, nor am so desperate for a miracle that I will suspend reason and quickly scamper to obey an anonymous and flawed forward. 

I am not including the “Untimely Deaths” e-mail because I find it tiresome and ridiculous.


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